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The New Actors Company is a commercial theatrical production company, based in London, and managed by Actor/Producer Shareholders. This model of production company management is inspired by a common denominator throughout almost every theatrical milestone in the history of theatre: a company of actors.


Our Origins

Formed in 2009 by acting graduates Robert Laycock, Tom Miller, and Daniel Souter the company took the name and principals of the original 'Actors Company’, founded by Ian McKellen and Edward Petherbridge in the 1970s.

From Sophocles to Shakespeare right through The Reformation and beyond, companies of actors were responsible for what are considered to be the classical repertoire of theatrical works.

The composition of The New Actors Company as talented producers, directors and actors, makes it one of the most exciting, yet traditional, companies in the country: producing work for everyone, which everyone can enjoy.

We believe success of any theatrical production depends greatly on its ability to communicate with its audience and arguably its chief instrument is The Actor. This appreciation is central to every production The New Actors Company has staged, and will stage.

We believe the relationship between an actor and audience is very special and unlike any other relationship in the world. Our choice of play, our marketing and our company policy are all inspired by this relationship.


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Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England, Wales and Scotland. Our registered company address is 1 Meadow Close, London SW20 9JB