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Open Book Management

Open Book Management (OBM) is a means of promoting ethical pay for people working in the Theatre industry, and the self-regulation practice of Theatre companies in London working by a set of principals. The self governing principals of The New Actors Company in relation to OBM are explained below.

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    Safe Environment

    Fringe theatre is a theatrical training ground for individuals who are making their first steps into the Industry. Therefore it should be a safe environment and free from exploitative individuals and unethical companies.
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    Artist Agreements

    If The New Actors Company does not have Arts Council or enough private funding to allow us to pay a running wage, the least we can do is offer a profit share agreement to our artists.
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    Honoring Agreements

    If an agreement is made to an actor or technical artist, that agreement will always be honoured.
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    The profit share will always be equal and reasonable and will be conducted transparently.
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    Financial Statements

    At the end of the production, the Artists involved will be given a statement detailing the profit share allocated to them and how it has been worked out.