Out Of The Sun poster

Out Of The Sun

The long, hot summer of 1940. On an airfield somewhere in southern England four young Spitfire pilots sit on the parched grass outside their Dispersal Hut waiting for the ring of the field telephone that will 'scramble' them into the skies - and combat.

By Roger Stennet

Directed by Marc Pollard

'Desperate Dan' Anderson, Edward 'Weaver' Whyte, Jonathan 'Joker' James - all of them 'veterans' by the age of 21 - and Pilot Officer Young, a fresh-faced 'sprog', new on the squadron that morning. How will they fare between dawn and dusk? How will they fill the quiet moments between the battles up in thin air? Today, growing old may seem a simple fact of life, but in the summer of 1940 it was a privilege that had to be earned... 'OUT OF THE SUN' was presented at The Hen and Chickens Theatre, between September 18th 2010 and October 2rd 2010.



Thomas Shirley as Pilot Officer Young, Tom Miller as Flying Officer Weaver Whyte, Paul Sandys as Flight Sargeant Joker James and Chris Oshea as Flight Leuitenant Anderson.


Designed by Mike Lees, Stage Manager Sarah Bunting and Technical Manager Matthew Tarbuck