They Came To A City poster

They Came To A City

The action of the play unfolds around the lives of nine characters, all from different social backgrounds - who are taken out of their lives and placed outside the walls of a strange city. Still unsure whether they are dead or simply dreaming, the great doors to the city open and these very different people enter into a civilization free from disparity and injustice. We learn very quickly however, that utopian equality is not everybody’s idea of a perfect world.

By J.B. Priestley

Directed by Robert Laycock

They Came to a City was written by J.B. Priestley in 1943 as a means of scrutinising attitudes to the post war world. He recognised that through this horrific period in our history, it may be possible for positive change to arise if the social will was there.



Daniel Souter as Malcolm Stritton, Tom Miller as Sir George Gedney, Thomas Shirley as Mr Fred Cudworth, James Robinson as Joe Dinmore, Jessica Francis as Dorothy Stritton, Amanda Osborne as Lady Loxfield, Sarah Moss as Philippa Loxfield, Jean Perkins as Mrs Batley and Charlotte Donachie as Alice Foster.


Designed by Lucy Rushbrook, Original Score by Christopher Littlewood, Technical Manager Matthew Tarbuck, Stage Manager Sarah Bunting, Lighting Operator Stuart Souter