Sunday Readings In The Park Summer 2016 poster

Sunday Readings In The Park Summer 2016

This Summer, The New Actors Company returns to Park Theatre by popular demand with a new season of Sunday Readings In The Park. Join us as we celebrate the actor in our new season: Rediscovering Rep. After each one-off performance the audience will be invited to take part in a short discussion when members of the cast and the director, will give their insights into the play.

Six rare, fascinating plays, all varied in style, will be performed as readings by a talented ensemble of twelve actors using the traditional, and often lamented, Repertory Theatre model. Rep used to be the place where an actor learnt his or her craft, and produced actors like Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellen and so many more. It encouraged variety, versatility and diversity. In our second season of readings at Park Theatre, each actor will perform a varied array of roles: from soldiers, lovers and aristocrats to beggars, schemers and the odd famous old writer. Everyone gets a part, and you, the audience, get to see them do it.


Just some lights, a handful of actors and a play you might never have known….

Jean Anouilh (Translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker)


By Jean Anouilh (Translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker)

2pm, 22nd May 2016

The Prince continues to lament the loss of his great love LŽocadia, an opera singer who died two years ago. Since then everywhere the Prince and LŽocadia spent time has been moved brick by brick to the grounds of a huge estate. The final instalment is a poor milliner; Amanda, and all she has to do is live up to the powerful memory of LŽocadia, but then, memories can be deceptive.

Directed by Charlotte Donachie

Cast TBC

Arthur Wing-Pinero

The Second Mrs Tanqueray

By Arthur Wing-Pinero

2pm, 29th May 2016

Reputedly EnglandÕs answer to Ibsen, The Second Mrs Tanqueray explores the story of widower Aubrey Tanqueray who has fallen in love and decides to marry the beautiful Paula, a troubled woman with a scandalous past. The marriage is on rocky ground from the beginning, but Paula discovers a chance to save everything with the return of AubreyÕs daughter from his first marriage, the conversely angelic Ellean.

Directed by Robert Laycock

Cast TBC

Laura Wade

Breathing Corpses

By Laura Wade

2pm, 19th June 2016

Did you ever find a dead body? Would you wonder at the journey that brought you both to the same spot? As Amy, a chambermaid who has the luck of always finding the recently deceased, wonders about the life of a dead occupant of the hotel room she was about to clean, we are invited discover the circumstances that led up to the event in this cleverly constructed drama.

Directed by Charlotte Donachie

Cast TBC

Christopher Fry

The Lady's Not For Burning

By Christopher Fry

2pm, 26th June 2016

In the mid 15th century a man claiming to be the devil demands to be executed while a peasant girl who made the mistake of showing a little too much intelligence, protests her innocence as she is accused of being a witch. This is all too much for the small village township as they desperately try to come to some kind of decision.

Directed by Charlotte Donachie

Cast TBC

J.B. Priestley

Laburnum Grove

By J.B. Priestley

2pm, 17th July 2016

George Redfern is a respectable and reliable man. Everyone thinks so. He is a family man and lives in the quiet suburban Laburnam Grove where, his daughter complains, nothing ever happens. The play begins one evening when his daughterÕs soon-to-be fiancŽ, and his brother in law intend to borrow a bit of money from the seemly affluent George, that is, until George calmly explains where his money comes from and he might just be a criminal mastermind.

Directed by Robert Laycock

Cast TBC

Justin Fleming

Burnt Piano

By Justin Fleming

2pm, 24th July 2016

Never performed in the UK; Burnt piano is the torching story of Karen; born under the star of Waiting For Godot. She attempts to make sense of tragic events in her life by tracking down the one man on earth she believes can help her: the aged Samuel Beckett now living in Paris. One of the thieves was saved, but which one?

Directed by Robert Laycock

Cast TBC